NB - Lineer Hareket Sistemleri

Here at the Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd. we believe that it is extremely important to take a firm stand in the areas of mechanical motion by promoting the improvement of precision engineering through slide motion mechanics and machine function. We are striving to positively promote new products and system development.
Through this method of gaining technical know-how, we are thankful of the fact that we are receiving high accolades with the wide adoption of NB’s Linear system in every field of engineering.
Japan has led the field and her technology has come to be seen as a world standard in rectilinear motion and our greatest role has become that of bringing about change in the industrial world.

Every single member of our staff has come to recognize the fact that our mission of supplier responsibility is based on the points of the individual requirements of our customers balancing carefully the aspects of technological development, cost effectiveness, delivery and billing period.



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