Linear Mech - Lineer ve Rotatif Aktitörler

Linearmech is a Servomech’s brand name.

Servomech S.r.l. is a worldwide leader in manufacturing linear actuators and screw jacks.
We are located in Bologna in the north of Italy, near to Bologna Airport and A1 Highway exit.

Since 1984 we develop and machine all our products by our own workshop, using our own facilities. The internal production enable us to test all the components during the process and to reach a high production flexibility in realizing customized products.

The result is a reliable high quality product, maintenance free, that perfectly fits customer’s applications.

Servomech believes in providing technical support to its customers with high qualified and trained personnel.

Each product is supplied with a Final Inspection Sheet certificate and can be easily identified with its unique serial number, which allows the replacement even after many years.

The Product Warranty: up to 3 years on request. Standard warranty is 24 months.

Our company vision is this: to develop new ideas in linear motion

We do this by manufacturing:
- a range of linear actuators Linearmech for low duty applications in industrial fields, medical applications, fitness equipments and agricultural machines. Linearmech linear actuators can be supplied with some electrical and electronic devices for load, speed and position control.
- A wide range of linear actuators Servomech for industrial applications, acme screw or
ball screw executions. The reached performances in terms of linear speeds and forces allow our linear actuators to be the perfect solution for the majority of industrial and automation requirements.
- High performances Servomech screw jacks for industrial lifting stages, theatres and auditorium stages, railways and aircrafts maintenance stages.


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