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Thanks to our own AC synchronous and reluctance motor designs and expertise, IDAM is positioned to meet the growing demand for highly dynamic and precise motion control applications.

From extremely fast wire bonding machines, to highly precise measuring and processing machines, to fast material handling systems, IDAM has the expertise and infrastructure to assist with a wide variety of linear motor applications.
IDAM can further optimize a linear motor system by combining it with either a mechanical bearing or air bearing support system.
Slotted synchronous L1, L2 and L2D series as wellas the ironless ULIM motors are especially suitable for machine tools.
L1 motors operate accurately and efficiently with low heat generation and the power generation is approximately 6 – 8 N/cm2. These linear drives are particularly suitable for measuring and feed tasks due to their slim design.
With the L2 motor series, our developers have succeeded in combining high power generation (> 10 N/cm2) with excellent synchronization properties and considerable efficiency – precisely the characteristics required in the precision machine industry. The cogging and load pulse forces have also been practically eliminated. This results in optimum synchronization, one of the prerequisites for precision processing. The high winding density means that heat penetration into the surrounding machine frame is minimized. Two separate cooling circuits and heat insulation also further reduce heat penetration.
The L2D series is characterized by an excellent power to volume ratio and by the lack of attraction to the guide system. This means it is predestined for dynamic applications requiring high performance. A very compact design supports the integration of these motors in the mounting structure.
The ironless motors of the ULIM series are particularly dynamic, have an excellent smooth motion and no cogging forces. Especially tasks with high dynamics and applications, which need highest path accuracy or constant speed, are good to resolve with this ironless, linear direct drive – e.g. measuring and testing systems, precision automation.
• very good force mass ratio allows for highly dynamic motors
• precise positioning and uniform motion because of no cogging and very low active force pulsation
• better performance and force density is possible with optional cooling system
• precise control of the motor temperature
• high level of reliability from the use of modern manufacturing and testing technologies
• high quality, rare earth magnets are used for long life even in very demanding application environments
• milling and grinding machines
• machine tools
• handling systems
• packaging machines
• measuring machines



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