Elte - Yüksek Devir Spindle Motor

ELTE S.R.L. has nearly three decades of experience in high frequency electric motors for processing wood, light alloys, plastics, glass and marble.

The vast range of motors and extensive know-how in high speed technology allow us to satisfy, with both reliability and insight, any kind of application including drilling, facing, trimming, squaring and engraving, to name just a few of the more common.
Speeds vary from a minimum of 1,500 rpm, reaching over 40,000 rpm with powers ranging from 0.05 kW up to 15 kW.

ELTE S.R.L. manufactures three phase asynchronous motors that, for their high-speed applications, have to be powered with high frequency voltages from 100 Hz up to 670 Hz. These high frequencies require very special care in the choice of component materials and in all the manufacturing and assembly processes since the high speed amplifies even the most negligible defects. All laminated cores have low losses to guarantee acceptable working temperatures, what’s more the bearings have to be sized to sustain the speed and type of load they have to undergo.

State of the art process technology and highly skilled staff permit us to manufacture products capable of satisfying any requirement, however demanding.
In recent years our product range has been extended with the addition of new automatic electric spindles of the last generation.



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